Some principles on sustainable housing development

The Cumby Group is preceded by a strong reputation for building great works in construction and housing. Their success can be attributed to a standard of excellence that is rooted in some key principles in this industry.

1. Site Selection

Site selection in housing development is not done on a whim. Choosing the right vicinity where the future development will rise is integral to the development’s success, making site selection in itself a serious undertaking. Foremost is the site’s viability as an option for sustainable housing design. The site’s natural orientation and landscaping are very much dependent on its location as well.

2. Energy Use

In the interest of green development, sustainable energy has to play a huge role in housing development. The Cumby Group believes that sustainable housing must include a mixture of applications of solar energy and wind energy whenever possible. These types of energy are sustainable because they score very low in terms of carbon footprint, and they draw energy from sources that are abundant. LED lighting does a huge favor for the environment as well, because it consumes up to 80 % less energy than ordinary lighting.

3. Water Conservation

Sustainability includes finding the most efficient use of water as well. Housing communities need to make use of pipings and fixtures that demonstrate this. Low-flow shower heads ensure that water is consumed just in the right amount for its intended use. Dual flush systems in the toilet work under the same principle too. Landscaping with plants that do not demand too much water is also a good way to ensure conservation.

Motivated developers like the Cumby Group are leading the way in introducing a more environmental way of life for the communities they serve, where sustainability is the central idea in modern living.

Austin-basedCumby Group specializes in urban infill projects that meet strict criteria based on geography, demographics, and community needs. Its integrated project management philosophy enables the company to maintain tight budgetary control and provide industry-leading service from top-notch teams. For related reading, visit this page.



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